Los Angeles Arts Collective,
anchored in 30 years of Vergari Dance Center

We are an Academy for the Performing Arts, offering classes in dance, acting, musical theater, yoga, and adult fitness. LAAC is dedicated to bringing the freedom of self expression and the practical application of work ethic into an environment rich with fun, growth, friendship, and supportive community. Our classes are designed for families and members of the community of any age and level who are interested in developing artistic knowledge and individual expression through the fine arts & fitness. Study of the arts are an important aspect of human development. Artistic growth instills a sense of confidence, self worth, and respect. The arts develop problem solving skills, dedication, a sense of timing, rhythm, balance, and harmony. Through instruction in the arts we aim to inspire, motivate and build community. We build artistic community and appreciation through ongoing classes, workshops, guest artist instruction/presentation, and performance opportunities for our students and community members.


8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 105
Los Angeles, CA 90045





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Newsletter: Winter

Session Information

Session: Winter, 2013

Jan 6 - March 1

Registration will soon open for Fall II; Stay tuned for our Fall II schedule!
online schedule, printable schedule

Session: Spring I, 2014

March 3 - April 26

Registration is now open for Spring I. Contact us to set up an assessment today!
printable schedule

News & Events

Art Show and Book Signing

Date: Saturday, Feb 15

Time: 3-6pm

Musical Production Auditions

Date: Feb 27

Time: TBA

Photo Day

Date: Sunday, June 1

Time: TBA

Photo Day

Date: Sunday, June 1

Time: TBA


Spring Showcase & Musical Production

Shows: June 8
Tech Rehearsals: June 6 & 7

Time(s): TBA

Tickets: TBA

Location: Orville Wright Middle School Auditorium