Children's Dance Program 

Morning Move&Groove

ages 18mos-2 1/2

Our youngest dancers will be stimulated through dance, music, and play. Marching, dancing, and rhythm activities will be a part of this interactive parent/child playtime.

Toddler Dance 

ages 2 - 3

This parent /child class is an introductory course for the studio's youngest dancers. In this class children and parents will learn basic gymnastics, musicality, and dance steps in a fun environment.

Class is one hour. 

Combo I

ages 3 - 4

Combination classes teach the basics of ballet and tap technique as well as tumbling.  In class we will use movement and music to creatively express ourselves and grow our gross and fine motor skills. As dancers progress through the levels they will learn choreography and more advanced technique.

Class is one hour.

Combo II

ages 4 - 5

The next step for the growing dancer.  As dancers progress through the levels they will learn more involved technique, choreography and continue to explore creative movement.

Class is one hour.

Ballet & Tap I

ages 5 - 7

Our Ballet / Tap  classes are great introductory classes for young dancers, wishing to learn the basic fundamentals of both Ballet and Tap and the next steps after our Combination classes.  Dancers will explore basic warm-up and stretching techniques, proper foot, leg, and arm positions, names and meanings of basic steps and beginning choreography.  We will also add a bit of free and creative movement into each class, allowing the children to gain a deeper appreciation and love for the art of dance.

Class is one hour.

Ballet & Tap II

ages 5 - 8

Ballet & Tap II is designed for the dancer who has progressed through Combination II and/or Ballet/Tap I and is ready for the next level(with instructor approval).

Class is one hour.

Children's Musical Theater

ages 5 - 8

Students learn basic skills in voice, acting, and dance, through the use of songs, poems, dialogue and stories. Both fun and educational, classes will prepare students for further work in our Musical Theater productions and will participate in our annual Spring Showcase.