Dance Classes (ages 7-17)

LAAC is dedicated to teaching in a positive, caring way while maintaining a disciplined atmosphere that challenges each student to excel. We recognize that dance education teaches much more than dance technique. Students are educated to be thinking artists who develop the skills of self-discipline, teamwork, and communication. We offer a range of classes for the beginner through the advanced dancer and encourage all through their journey!


                                                                          Why Dance?  (Courtesy of the National Dance Education Organization) |                               Education in the art of dance develops the knowledge and skills required to create, perform and understand movement as artistic communication. A comprehensive education includes technique, improvisation, choreography, performance, observation and analysis. Exposure to dance history and cultures, kinesiology and anatomy, and movement theories helps to further enrich the dance education experience.

Research shows that students who study dance are more: self-motivated, disciplined and focused in their everyday lives; expressive in their communication of emotions, thoughts and feelings, and likely to excel in nonverbal reasoning and communication; creative and imaginative, and able to analyze critically their work and the work of others.


This class provides a well-rounded foundation for modern dance technique. With an emphasis on movement quality, this class provides a strong emphasis on alignment, line, musicality, and movement interpretation. 

Hip Hop I

An intro to the rhythms and movements in the Hip Hop style with an emphasis on musicality and creativity. This is a high energy class and perfect to start a young dancers journey.

Hip Hop II

For the dancer looking to learn more intricate choreography, movement dynamics, and intermediate hip hop vocabulary. Another high energy and fun class.

Jazz I

An intro to classic jazz technique with an emphasis on line, musicality, and expression. A perfect start for the dancer looking to expand their dance vocabulary that provides a solid technical foundation. It offers a wide-ranging style of dance, and can encompass everything from the Charleston and swing to more modern dance steps. Jazz is a great way to learn to move in a variety of ways to different types of music and is essential to any student with an interest in musical theater!

Jazz II

This class builds more intermediate jazz vocabulary and skills, but also has an emphasis on each dancer finding their individual style and expression in jazz choreography. 

Tap Classes

Tap the most musical and rhythmically precise of all the styles of dance. Tap develops complex motor skills, coordination, a sense of rhythm, and cardiovascular strength, all of which are important developmentally - See more at:

Tap I

Tap is often described as sound producing, syncopated, rhythmic steps in motion.  Covering basic vocabulary, rhythms, and technique, this class is well-rounded introduction to tap dance. Geared for the beginning dancer to fall in love with the feel and sounds of tap dance.

Tap II

For the dancer looking to increase their vocabulary, speed and precision. This class takes the student through more intermediate steps and technique. 


Singing is a voice class focused on Musical Theater Singing and technique. This class will work on a students technical and performance capabilities in a safe environment through guided vocal exercises practiced both as a group and individually. This class will also incorporate music theory so that as students progress they will begin to understand the concepts of sight reading.

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