Los Angeles Arts Collective

Our Mission 

Los Angeles Arts Collective, anchored in 30 years of Vergari Dance Center, inspires creation, education, and fulfillment through the performing and visual arts. We strive to build a foundation for the beginner and challenge the proficient to grow as individuals, express themselves, and create memories that will last a lifetime. We aim to guide our students in developing life skills through a safe, imaginative environment and the joy of creativity. We encourage and facilitate all ages and levels in the pursuit of their love for the arts.


Los Angeles Arts Collective, the new home of Vergari Dance Center, is now open! We are located on the corner of Sepulveda and Westchester Parkway in the Airport Office Center building. We have entrances on Westchester Parkway and through the courtyard of the building. There is ample street parking (one hour!) and the lot behind the building is open to us and free after 4:30pm. The studio is located in the Los Angeles/Westchester area with proximity to LAX, West LA, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, El Segundo, and Ladera Heights.

8939 S Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 105
Los Angeles, CA 90045


The Studios 

We have three studios at Los Angeles Arts Collective to encompass all forms of creativity. Please contact us for rental availability at (310) 641-2575.

PERFORM studio

Our PERFORM studio is our largest space at almost 900 sq. ft. (29'x31') and serves as an in-house performance venue as well as our largest dance space. Equipped with a wall of floor-to- almost-ceiling mirrors, barres, a floating sprung floor with a vinyl “marley” dance surface, and a superior sound system with CD and iPod capabilities.

Rental: $50/hour

CREATE studio

Our CREATE studio is 638+ sq. ft. (22'x29') is also equipped with a wall of floor-to-almost-ceiling mirrors, stationary and portable barres, a floating sprung floor with a vinyl “marley” dance surface and a sound system with CD and ipod capabilities.

Rental: $35/hour

ACT studio

Our ACT studio is 223 sq. ft. (15'x14') with mirrors, a floating floor, barres, and a sound system. We use this space for acting classes, small and/or private classes; it also allows access to the PERFORM studio to act as a “green room” during performances.

Rental: $25/hour

About Our Floors

Through much research, jumping, dancing, and discussion we have chosen our floors to be custom built from the ground up so we can have the best surface for our performers. Our studios are equipped with the what we have found to be the best dance floors available. Just like a dancer’s body, the floor is an important part of their instrument. A professional dance surface increases the ability to dance, teach, and rehearse for longer periods of time without fatigue. A superior floor allows a performer with slight injuries to work through their training and those with more severe injuries to rehabilitate much faster. The subfloor is a basket weave floating system resting on specially engineered pads. This traditional floor design provides the spring through woven wooden battens. Dance halls with sprung hard wood floors date back to the early 20th century such as the the Carrillo Ballroom in Santa Barbara, CA (1914). The floating floor is very “alive," providing a generous amount of spring without variance or dead spots. The professional dance floor coverings in all our studios give the longest lasting and finest surface for all dance and performance styles.


Monday-Friday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday: subject to workshop schedules